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Job Descriptions:

  • Data Analytics Lead is responsible for leading the analytics plan to demonstrate the value of data, by exploring data to discover new information and creating opportunities to achieve the business objectives.
  • Centralize data knowledge of previous analyses from different departments and build a data knowledge library to share insights learned from data with business
  • Recommend and manage the environment for data analytics, either with a server or on could, ensuring that the team have appropriate tools and infrastructure they need to complete analysis. 
  • Furthermore, he/she oversees the environment for data analytics, ensuring team having good tools they need to conduct analysis.
  • Process, clean and control the data used for analytics.
  • Data Analytics Lead also plays a mentor role for Data Analyst and supervises Data Engineer


  • Min S1 with background Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Science
  • Minimum 3 year’s experience in MIS, Data Management and Advanced Analytics
  • Business Acumen
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem-solving mindset
  • Strong programming and scripting skills (Python, R)
  • Excellent mastering of data visualization and business intelligence tools. 
  • Good experience with common data science toolkits (Jupyter notebook, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy)
  • Good understanding of big data infrastructure and query languages (HDFS, SQL, Hive)
  • Good knowledge of machine learning techniques and algorithms

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