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Asuransi Mandiri Legacy Plan Platinum

  • Initial Coverage of Benefits Rp3 Billion or USD300 Thousand
  • Additional Benefits and/or Permanent Disability due to Accident
  • Additional Benefits due to Commercial Aviation Accidents

Asuransi Mandiri Legacy Plan Titanium

  • Benefits of Initial coverage of Rp5 Billion / USD500 Thousand
  • Additional Benefits of Death and/or Permanent Disability due to Accidents
  • Additional Benefits of Death due to Commercial Aviation Accidents

Asuransi Mandiri Secure Wealth

  • 100% Basic Sum Insured Benefits for Risk of Death Due to Any Cause
  • Additional Benefits of Death Due to Accidents Amounting to 50% of Basic Sum Insured
  • Guaranteed Cash Benefits Provided During the Insurance Period If the Insured Lives and the Policy is Active

Asuransi Mandiri Perlindungan Sejahtera

  • Life Protection Up To 100 Years of Age
  • Maximum Sum Assured According to Family Needs
  • Lifetime Loyalty Bonus From 7th year to 100 years old

Asuransi Mandiri Perlindungan Sejahtera Syariah

  • Life Protection Up To Age 100 Years
  • Maximum Sum Assured According To Family Needs
  • LIifetime Loyalty Bonus From 7Th Year to 100 Years Old

Asuransi Mandiri Investasi Prestige

  • Protection of basic insurance if the insured passed away (1)
  • Various additional insurance coverage according to your protection needs (if any) (2)
  • Flexibility to Determine Your Investment Straytegy

Asuransi Mandiri Elite Plan Syariah

  • Loyalty Bonus
  • Competitive Aquisition Fee
  • 100% Benefit From Basic Insurance If the Participant Passed Away in The Insurance Period

Asuransi Mandiri Elite Plan

  • Life Protection For The Insured Up To 100 Years Old
  • Investment Fund Management That Growing Based On Market Conditions

AXA Mandiri Proteksi Diri

  • Passed Away Compensation

Asuransi Mandiri Protection

  • Condolences Compensation
  • Permanent Disability Compensation
  • Temporary Disability Compensation