Perlindungan Asuransi Masa Depan Anak

Children's Future Insurance Solution

Discover Children's Future Insurance Solution as You Needed

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Asuransi Mandiri Tabungan Rencana

  • Flexbility in Determining and Changing The Monthly Deposit Starting From RP 100.000/US $10 per Mont
  • Flexible Period (1-20 Years)
  • Insurance Application Without Underwriting Process

Asuransi Mandiri Perlindungan Sejahtera Syariah - Solusi Perlindungan Asuransi Masa Depan Anak Syariah

  • Additional insurance benefits in the form of sum assured for total permanent disability risk or
  • Benefits of exemption of obligation to pay premiums against total permanent disability or critical illness risk for the insured or policyholders

Asuransi Mandiri Perlindungan Sejahtera - Solusi Perlindungan Asuransi Masa Depan Anak

  • Additional Insurance Benefits in the Form of Sum Assured for Total Permanent Disability Risk or Critical Illness Risk
  • Benefits of Exemption of Obligation to Pay Premiums Against Total Permanent Disability or Critical Illness Risk for The Insured or Policyholders