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Beware of New Variants of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5

Tentang ISOMAN AXA Mandiri

Regarding to the pandemic condition and Indonesia has become the latest epicenter with a fairly high increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, an additional service or expansion of benefits is needed for AXA Mandiri customers who have health products where costs can be borne if Independent Isolation is required (ISOMAN).

Program Period:
The program period is July 01, 2022 – Sept 30, 2022, and it will be terminated when the total claims for this program have reached IDR 3 billion even though the program period has not yet ended.

Products in Scope:
This program will apply to new customers or existing customers for the following products:

  • Asuransi Tambahan Mandiri Medical Care* (Solusi Perlindungan Kesehatan)
  • Asuransi Tambahan Mandiri Medical Care Syariah* (Solusi Perlindungan Kesehatan Syariah)
  • Asuransi Mandiri Kesehatan Prima*
  • Asuransi Tambahan Mandiri International Medical Care
*Valid with certain premium terms in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of AXA Mandiri's ISOMAN program

Claim Submission:

Customer Care
Email AXA Mandiri

Customer Care

Program Requirements:

  1. Isolasi Mandiri (“ISOMAN”) is carried out in non-hospital facilities which are Government referral facilities and/or at home.
  2. This program is valid 1 (one) time for 1 (one) person with a maximum dependent period of 14 (fourteen) days from the first positive diagnosis of COVID-19 where the swab/PCR test is carried out during the program period.
  3. For new customers there is a waiting period of 30 days since the policy was issued.


  1. Cost of room, accommodation, food and transportation of isolasi mandiri facilitiess
  2. Costs before and after isolasi mandiri
  3. Hospital cash plan individual insurance products and other products not mentioned in these Terms and Conditions.

Program Period:

  1. The program period starts from July 01, 2022 – Sept 30, 2022 or when the total claims for this additional service have reached Rp. 3 billion (depending on which comes first).
  2. AXA Mandiri has the right to change and/or terminate the Mandiri Isolation Program at any time with 14 (fourteen) days notice to the customer prior to the program end date.
Customer Care
  1. Claims are made on a reimbursement basis with the principle of first come, first serve.
  2. Claims can be submitted via AXA MANDIRI easy claim: whatsapp (08158153313) & email ( by attaching the Claim Requirements documents as follows:
    1. Claim Form
    2. Positive swab/PCR test results and results of other medically required diagnostic and laboratory tests
    3. Doctor's Reference Letter (Certificate) for self-isolation
    4. Prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements related to Covid-19 self-isolation that are medically needed
    5. The original receipt for the Covid-19 self-isolation treatment fee according to the provisions of the applicable customer policy claim document*
  3. If the total cost of the program has been reached, the program will be terminated and subsequent claims will be rejected.
  4. Daily information regarding the total program fees that have been paid will be informed on the AXA Mandiri website every day.
*Especially for Healthy Catering benefits, customers can provide proof of transfer along with screenshots of the catering order chat

Healthy Catering Order Process (only for Asuransi Tambahan Mandiri International Medical Care customers)

Customer Care

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