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Cookie Policy of PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AXA Mandiri), hereinafter referred to as the "Cookie Policy", applies to the AXA Mandiri website. We hereby inform you that we place Cookies on our website to better understand how people use our website and provide the best experience in exploring our website.

I.    About Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on the device that you use to browse the website. By using Cookies, our website will store information about your visit, including choices you make or preferences you establish during your visit.

We use Cookies to provide the best experience when you visit our website, such as:

  1. Make it easy for you to browse and get information on the products and services you want.
  2. Remember your preferences on this website.
  3. Customize the contents of the website to display relevant/appropriate products for you.

II.    Our Cookies

Our cookies do not store personal data/information such as names, addresses, telephone no. and e-mail. In addition, the Cookies we use cannot read or search for your device, obtain information about yourself or your family, and read files stored on your device.

We use 3 (three) types of Cookies, namely:

A.     Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are very important to ensure our site can operate correctly. These cookies collect and record information needed for our site to function properly.

The following is a list of Cookies included as types of Cookies as described in this description:

Name of Cookie

Function of Cookie



Saving your choices about Cookies

13 months


Saving the location of information declared by the user of the website

24 hours


Identifying the language chosen by the website users

No end

6c1193d1ed1a29285bc69ff007df5431 (Opencamp Cookie)

This cookie is set by the Opencamp router. This is required by the website infrastructure

Per browser visit session

BIGipServer~production~PO_OPENCAMP_PROD (Duplicate Visit Cookie)

Saving the visits to redundant infrastructure

Per browser visit session



This cookie is required to enable our website and cannot be blocked but can be rejected. Cookie rejection can make you lose certain services.

When you reject a Cookie activation, an opt-out cookie will be placed on your device. If you delete the opt-out Cookie, our website will no longer be able to identify that you have denied the activation of the Cookie. Likewise, when you approve the activation of the Cookie, an opt-out Cookie will be placed on your device. Opt-in and opt-out Cookies must always be on your device because they are needed to function our website and respect your rights.

B.     Performance Cookies

This type of cookie helps us to monitor, improve or improve the performance/services of our website. In general, this type of Cookie is used to collect information about how the visitors use our website, including:

  1. Gather information about the most visited pages.
  2. Note the error message that is displayed to/ obtained by visitors.
  3. Understand what pages visitors like/follow (including advertisements) and what visitors don't choose.

Information collected using this type of Cookies is anonymous and cannot be used to identify individual visitors. The following is a list of Cookies that are included as types of Cookies as described in this description:

Name of Cookie

Function of Cookie


ga,_ga_expiration,_gid,_gat, AMP_TOKEN, gac (Google Analytics Cookie)

Google Analytics, knowing the number of visitors who visit our website within a certain period of time, knowing the pages that are frequently visited, analyzing the data to provide a better experience for our website visitors.

13 months

xtor, xtor + numsite, xtdate, xtdate + numsite, xtgo, xtord, xtocl, xtocl + numsite, xtidc, xtan, xtan + numsite, xtanrd, xtatrd, xtant, xtref, xtvrn, idrxvr, tmst (AT Internet Cookie)

AT Internet, measuring and analyzing how visitors come to our website (mobile and desktop)

13 months



In addition, we also collect your IP address to determine the city to which you are connected. This is anonymized immediately after use. Under no circumstances, we cannot identify who you really are.

The information collected (Cookie ID) is stored by us for a period of 13 months. This information is not provided to any third parties or is used for purposes other than those provided for in this Cookie Policy.

You can choose to reject Cookie activation and analyze your browsing data usage statistics.

C.    Targeting and Advertising Cookies

This cookie is sometimes called as retargeting Cookies and is placed by AXA Mandiri and lasted for 90 days. These cookies remember that you have visited our website and what you like on our website, like the page you have seen.

We use these cookies to ensure that the advertisements and website content that we present to you are consistent with your browsing habits. For example for:

  1. Reminding you of the products or service that you are interested in.
  2. Measuring the amount of time you might see from an advertisement/content.
  3. Our communication means to you related to the AXA Mandiri products and services.
  4. Helping to make market research and measure the effectiveness of an advertisement from AXA Mandiri.

III. Website Links Provided by Others

If you follow a link on our website to another website, please note that other website owners have a Privacy and Cookies Policy for their own website. We recommend that you read their policies because we are not responsible for what happens on their website.

IV. Use of Cookies

By continuing to use this website, you hereby consent to the Cookies placed on this website. AXA Mandiri uses information that has been collected through Cookies for the purposes as stated in our Cookie Policy.

You have the right to accept or reject Cookies to be stored on your device by modifying settings in the Web Browser. Please refer your Web Browser's instructions or the "Help" function in your Web Browser to help you.

If you choose to reject/deactivate the Cookies, please understand that you may not be able to use all services on our website.

If there are further problems and/or questions with regard to our Cookie Policy, please contact:

Facebook  : AXA Mandiri

Twitter        : @AXA_Mandiri

Instagram : @AXAMandiri

Telephone : 1500803